Crash Computer Services

Edmonton based computer repair services for Windows based desktops and laptops.

Speed up your Windows PC by replacing your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) with a Solid State Drive (SDD)

Get Windows started up and ready in one minute or less
Access program files and documents or pics up to 7.5 times faster

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Now offering Virtual Tech Support in the Greater Edmonton Region Only
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  • Expert Windows 10 help
  • Website design, development and maintenance
  • Computer Repairs
  • Virus and spyware scans
  • Virus and/or Spyware repairs
  • Program downloads, installs and updates
  • Email account setups
  • Website account/profile registration and setups
  • Computer setups
  • Operating system cleanup
  • Computer, keyboard and mouse cleaning
  • Add new peripherals (keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer, webcam, mics, speakers)
  • Add more memory (RAM)

Queer owned and operated