Virtual Tech Support

Introducing Virtual Tech Support for Windows 10 and 11!

We can do many computer repairs, which are software based, virtually using Microsoft Quick Assist. Here is how it works.

Sample Invoice
  • Contact us to setup a time that we can both be at our computers and cell phones uninterrupted for at least an hour or up to two hours.
  • At the agreed time we will establish contact with you by phone to your cell phone and obtain your Name, Address, Email Address and Phone Number for our Billing information.
  • We will then prepare an invoice which will ask for payment of the NON-REFUNDABLE First Hour upfront at current rates as posted on our website. It will be sent to your Email Address. You will then open it on your device (phone preferred) and click the blue “Pay Invoice” button and proceed with entering your credit/debit card information to submit for payment. (see Sample Invoice)
  • As payment is being processed we will guide you through the steps to open the built-in Windows 10 and Windows 11 program called Quick Assist.
    You can find this in 2 ways:

    1. Go to the Start button and click it to open All Apps (Windows 10) or in the Programs pop-up click All Apps> (Windows 11) then scroll down the list to the Q’s. If the program is installed then it will be listed.

    2. If it is not installed then open Microsoft Store and in the top Search bar type Quick Assist and hit enter. This should take you to the right page. Make sure that the program is from Microsoft Corporation only. Then click the Blue “GET” button.

    Once it is installed then click the Blue “OPEN” button. Next time you want to use the program follow step #1 to find it as it is now installed in the Q’s. (see screenshot)
  • When Quick Assist opens you will see a small rectangle box on your screen. Obtain the single-use six digit code from the Technician and enter it in the box “Code from assistant” then click the now darker blue box that says “Share Screen” (see Sample Pic #4)
Sample Pic #4
  • After you enter the code and click the Share Screen it will take about 20 seconds to establish a secure connection then it will ask for your permission to Share your screen. You will click the “Allow” button.
Quick Assist Icon

The technician will go over your issue with you on the phone and work on your computer remotely while speaking with you. If it takes longer than the one hour then additional half-hours will be billed on a new invoice and it will be sent to you for payment after the session has ended.

If the technician feels that the issue can not be resolved remotely they may indicate that your computer must be worked on in-person. This can be done by either us picking it up, you dropping it off or possibly at your location if warranted.

Data and privacy
Microsoft logs a small amount of session data to monitor the health of the Quick Assist system. This data includes the following information:

  • Start and end time of the session
  • Errors arising from Quick Assist itself, such as unexpected disconnections
  • Features used inside the app such as view only, annotation, and session pause

No logs are created on either the Technician’s or Client’s device. Microsoft cannot access a session or view any actions or keystrokes that occur in the session.

The Client sees only an abbreviated version of the Technician’s name (first name, last initial) and no other information about them. Microsoft does not store any data about either the Technician or the Client for longer than three days.

In some scenarios, the Technician does require the Client to respond to application permission prompts (User Account Control), but otherwise the Technician has the same permissions as the sharer on the device.

These permissions are only valid for the current session and cease when Sharing is stopped by either the Client or the Technician. The Code used is valid only for 10 minutes and can not be re-used to gain access for anytime after the Allowed session.